Alcohol Stove Overview

Alcohol stoves have been around for quite some time. Over the years they have evolved to a point where they are now extremely lightweight, durable and they put out a pretty hot flame.

They are unmatched in their simplicity. There are no moving parts so nothing wears out. You simply add alcohol and light.

Alcohol stoves do have their short comings. They are all vulnerable to wind, so always use a wind screen. They also don't perform well in cold temperatures. Trying to melt snow would be a very time consuming and frustrating experience.

Testing: See stove performance.

Fuel: We recommend denatured alcohol available at the hardware store. Or HEET gas-line antifreeze in the yellow bottle available at gas stations.

Caution: Do not under any circumstances use gasoline, white gas or any other petroleum based fuels as this could cause an explosion!